Best Selling Author
Lowell Cauffiel



Below the Line (2023)

When a corrupt Hollywood producer, an ex-Detroit homicide cop with a conscience, and a career crim­inal without one all have the same quarry, a missing mother and her teenage daughter, trouble is bound to ensue. And it does, with shocking results.

On Location

You Tube: @lowellcauffielFXR

“Cauffiel takes clever digs at the false promises of Hollywood and its denizens while evocatively walking readers through the city’s seedier corners…This is a fizzy good time.”

Publisher’s Weekly.

About Lowell Cauffiel

Lowell turned to novels and screenwriting following an award-winning career as a Detroit journalist and the publication of his five true crime books, including the New York Times bestseller House of Secrets and his critically acclaimed debut Mas­querade: A True Story of Seduction, Compul­sion and Murder.  An impeccable researcher when writing fiction as well as nonfiction, Cauffiel’s fact finding has taken him every­where from the president’s private living quarters in the White House to the confines of dan­gerous urban dope dens.


You Tube: @lowellcauffielFXR